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Vehicle Data Economy

When we think of the price of a vehicle today, many factors determine its value: brand popularity of the make and model, engine performance, trim levels, and wear and tear (vehicle mileage). However, tomorrow's vehicles contain the most valuable thing you will never see --> Vehicle Data. Why is this valuable? Vehicle Data helps manufacturers to reduce costs, identify market opportunities, satisfy customers, develop new products, and improve their vehicles.
The arms race to train self-driving neural network models is finding proprietary sources of data for them to learn. Finding non-obvious data to feed into them is vital for them to mature. The developers and researchers developing self-driving neural network models need accessible Vehicle Data daily. They need a transparent marketplace where datasets are easily searchable, permissionless, and constantly refreshing.
Who produces this vehicle Data? You do, and everyone driving a vehicle around you are all Producers of it. We create a form of digital gold worth something by operating our vehicles daily. And economic incentives exist because vehicle data is valuable with a low supply and high demand. Imagine driving your vehicle every day as you usually do, but now, you are getting paid for doing it. We live in a time when we can securely anonymize your driving data, ensure you own it, and automatically sell and make payments daily.
Drive and Get Paid!
DriveChain exists, so you retain ownership and have the right to monetize your vehicle Data. We need your help to shift our democratized vehicle data vision into forward Drive.